Director Kumar Nagendra’s Telugu movie “Tuntari,” featuring actor Nara Rohit and actress Latha Hegde in the lead roles, has received mixed reviews from the audience. (Click to see Tuntari stills)

“Tuntari” is a remake of director Thirukumaran’s Tamil fantasy-comedy film “Maan Karate.” Written by AR Murugadoss, the movie is about four friends, who set out on a trip to meet a person who predicts their future. How they work hard to make the prediction come true forms the crux of the story.

The viewers say Kumar Nagendra, who has penned the screenplay for “Tuntari,” has made many changes in the script. He has added masala ingredients like comedy, romance and emotions to suit the taste of the local audience. These commercial elements keep the viewers engaged in the first half. The film gains momentum before the interval and the second half is an interesting watch.

Nara Rohit has played a boxer in “Tuntari,” while newbie Latha Hegde has appeared as his love interest. Kabir Duhan Singh has played the antagonist in the movie. All of them have delivered good performance and that has become the big asset of the movie. Vennala Kishore’s comic timing is another highlight of the film, say the viewers.

“Tuntari,” which is produced by Sri Keerthi Films, has good technical elements. Kumar Nagendra’s engaging screenplay, Sai Karthik’s music and Palani Kumar’s picturisation are among the big attractions of the film, add the film-goers. We bring you some viewers’ verdict shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of “Tuntari” movie review by the audience:

Suresh Kondi [email protected]_Suresh

#Tuntari is a Watchable TimePass Entertainer.Good job by #nararohith.Beautiful visuals by Cameraman Palani Kumar.Well done @Kumarnagendraaa

Raghava [email protected]_aCreator

#Tuntari -Entertaining 1stHalf wit Avg 2ndHalf.Also hearing GUD Reports.BO Success for @Kumarnagendraaa &Nara Rohit.Congrats @vennelakishore

Nymisha Reddy [email protected]

Congratulations #Tuntari team @Kumarnagendraaa’s gripping screenplay, comedy scenes between Rohit [email protected],Music n BGM r highlights

Jagan mohan [email protected]

#Tuntari watchable entertainer #NARAROHIT comedy timing good #jaiBalayyaa

SREE ✨ [email protected]

#Tuntari movie good movie this week end ..#saikarthik extraordinary background score….@Kumarnagendraaa @nara_rohith #Tuntari first time good entertainment rohith new [email protected]_rohith @Kumarnagendraaa good dir.. rr good first half total comedy.. good movie

$ha$hank [email protected]

#Tuntari 1st half quite okay with an interesting beginning humour is the saving grace in the 1st hoursongs #Tuntari not a bad concept but dir totally failed to make it an engaging one!2nd half vammooheroine a big letdownOrio Biscuit

Tollywood Reviews [email protected]

Good first half with hardly any boring moments. First ten mins and interval twist keeps you engaged for second half. #Tuntari Good first half followed by equally bad second half. No emotions, second half is big let down. Below Average #Tuntari

TFPC Film Reporter [email protected]

#Tuntari is a 100% Watchable, good Comedy movie #NaraRohith performed naturally dir by @Kumarnagendraaa

Urstrulysreechowdary [email protected]

#Tuntari 1st half is good 2nd half songs , few lengthy fight scenes spoiled the film and let down the film …finally its Avg Entertainer

PalliBatani.Com [email protected]

@Kumarnagendraaa Congrats To Entire Team #Tuntari Decent Comedy Entertainer. First Half Comedy Superb. Second Half Emotional Scenes are good

Tollywood Abhimani [email protected]

#Tuntari has a wonderful plot with tons of comedy. Solid story. Congratulations #NaraRohit.

© Sergio Stallion [email protected]

No one could expect this film #Tuntari would be complete comedy entertainer..but it’s TRUE. #Tuntari seems to be a good summer entertainer. Perfect break through to Nara Rohith.

Tapasi Raju Yerra [email protected]

#Tuntari 1st half Baaboi! Manchi story ni penta penta chesaru.. Songs ithe worst! Such cheap comedy #Tuntari 2 hours runtime lo inni songs ah Worst movie! Utter utter nonsense #Tuntari

PavanKumar Mannem [email protected]

Impressive cinematography, excellent comic timing of #NaraRohith make it good to watch. #Tuntari #intermission Love scenes are unbearable #Tuntari

Pavan Kumar [email protected]

#Tuntari first half is hilarious. Music and background score is good. Entertaining film #NaraRohit #Tuntari is super hit. @nara_rohith is perfect apt, @Kumarnagendraaa first commerical hit. Don’t miss the beginning @SriKeerthiFilms

LI(O)VING LIFE ✨ [email protected]

Good movie… Entertaining all d way!!! Different plot yet again from NARA ROHIT ✌️✌✌ #TUNTARI

Raja Narendra @Raja_4444

‪#‎TUNTARI getting hilarious response from us for the 1st half…mainly Rohith Nara did a fabulous job with his new era of comedy timing

VICTORY [email protected]

#Tuntari starts with an intresting plot……

Andeep [email protected]

#Tuntari hilarious and worth watching… Photography and bgm -^-

ॐ Deepak [email protected]

1st half average. Not bad. #Tuntari

9T iS Still Yng.. [email protected]

Passable First Half #Tuntari Second half let down #Tuntari

Tapasi Raju Yerra [email protected]

#Tuntari 1st half   Baaboi! Manchi story ni penta penta chesaru.. Songs ithe worst!

PavanKumar Mannem [email protected]

Impressive cinematography, excellent comic timing of #NaraRohith make it good to watch. #Tuntari #intermission Love scenes are unbearable #Tuntari


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