“Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” actor Karan Patel’s ex-girlfriend Kamya Punjabi recently raised quite a few eyebrows at the Box Cricket League 2 (BCL 2), when she openly expressed her love for Karan. The actress even went on to hug Karan for his team’s excellent performance, which left the actor blushing. Later, in an interview with a daily, Kamya, without mincing her words, confessed that she still loves Karan.

Now, Karan has finally spoken about Kamya’s shocking behaviour. The actor told the Times of India that the two are not even really good friends. “I respect people’s feelings when they say they love me, but it is completely their choice of expression and I am alien to it. People have a right to express but that’s it. Whatever I may have said in reply was only in the show’s context and nothing else. Kamya and I bump into each other at social dos or at work and we exchange greetings with a smile. That’s where it ends. We are not the best of friends,” Karan told the daily.

While Karan chose to give a diplomatic reply regarding the issue, his wife Ankita Bhargava (Ankita Karan Patel) had strongly reacted to Kamya’s behaviour. “All I want to say on this bullshit being thrown our way is that this is just a waste of your energies. I would suggest they use their energies in doing something more productive in the future,” Ankita told India Forums.

Amid this controversy, Karan and Ankita recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary with their friends. “We called our friends over and partied till morning,” Karan told the Times of India.

Meanwhile, he recently refused to shoot a particular scene in “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,” which required him to film in the rain created using a tanker full of water. Talking about the particular scene, Karan said: “I thought it was avoidable, especially at a time when we are facing a crisis. So we managed to do the scene without water.”


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