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Director Shawn Arranha’s Bollywood movie “Teraa Surroor,” (also spelled as Tera Suroor), starring Himesh Reshammiya and Farah Karimaee, has garnered mixed reviews from audience.

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“Teraa Surroor,” which was initially titled “Guns N’ Roses,” is a sequel to 2007 film “Aap Kaa Surroor.” It is a romantic action drama film, which apparently starts where its prequel had ended. The film is about Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) trying to prove the innocence of Tara (Farah Karimaee), who is in a Dublin jail over drug smuggling charges. 

Audience say “Teraa Surroor” has an interesting story with lot of twists and turns, but some unconvincing scenes and unintentional comedy mar the beauty of the movie. Himesh Reshammiya, Farah Karimaee, Naseeruddin Shah and others have delivered good performances, but some viewers have complained of Himesh’s expressionless face.

“Teraa Surroor” has better production values than its prequel. The foot tapping tunes, exotic locales, beautiful picturisation, well-choreographed action sequences and Natasha Ramsay’s corny dialogues are the big attractions on the technical front, add the film-goers.

We bring you some viewers’ verdict shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of “Teraa Surroor” movie review by audience:

Anupama Chopra [email protected]

My #TeraaSurroor highlight so far – #NaseeruddinShah as con artist Robert Santino! Clearly a home production -the film you do to buy a home!

Denzil [email protected]

#TeraaSurroor #TeraaSurroorFDFS #TeraaSurroorReview The music score is fabulous but the singing oh yes its #HimeshReshammiya why does the camera linger of #HimeshReshammiya face maybe its waiting for a smile. This is a masala film #NaseeruddinShah @ShekharKapur #MonicaDogra are the masala wow. direction by @shawnarranha is good I like but story line looks like its a rubberband Are you a #HimeshReshammiya fan then this film is for YOU !! this film is well shot its well directed could have done with a storyline as well kya ?

IBNLive Movies [email protected]

#TeraaSurroor: Half way into the movie and the lead guy still can’t decide what his goal is! Storyline is stretched beyond repair #TeraaSurroor is a musically inclined film. The villain in the film has certain fascination with musical instrument. So much goth! ♣ #TeraaSurroor : Stretched story, no acting, predictable climax and average music define this film. Skip it. Save your time and money.

Kunal M Shah [email protected]

The new angry young man #HimeshReshammiya arrives #TeraaSurroor brilliant film & brilliant performances @Shaair @shekharkapur @farahkarimii

Bollywood Critic [email protected]

Review: #TeraaSurroor is a very well shot slick action film superb direction @shawnarranha awesome music full paisa Vasool 4stars

Parampara [email protected]

You’ll never watch anything like #TeraaSurroor! Like really Slow death can be stoned death like Himesh Reshammiya in #TeraaSurroor I guess Himesh Reshammiya got confused b/w modelling & acting. Posing & standing still (w/o) expressions is his acting #TeraaSurroor

Parichay [email protected]

Himesh Reshammiya’s expression (there is only one throughout the film) defines our adult life. And I’m in love with Irish prisons. Kya location hai bc. #TeraaSurroor There’s Kabir Bedi. There’s Shekhar Kapoor. There’s Nasir saab. And there’s Himesh who’s doing everything in slow motion. #TeraaSurroor

Upendra Rana [email protected]_rana

#TeraaSurroor nice acting by #himesh sir… Nice movie. I love your 4 movies most . Both suroor, Damadamm & The Xpose. Love your acting

Uday Bhatia [email protected]

Himesh gains a body, loses the plot. #TeraaSurroor review So much wrong with #TeraaSurroor that its late, insidious lunge towards ‘nationalism’ will probably go unnoticed

Shravan Kr Singh [email protected]

#TeraaSurroor is surely worth watching for everyone. A true masala edge of the seat entertainment film.

FilmyCurry [email protected]

#TeraaSurroor is not a sequel to 2007 film Aap Kaa Surroor but a bad copy of ‘The Next Three Days #HimeshReshammiya #Himesh & Farah are 2 robots in the film,giving poses, all the time shown just wandering or walking on the streets in d film #TeraaSurroor

Sumit kadel [email protected]

Watched #TeraaSurroor – IL say that this himesh ji movie is an average affair, but far better then his last few outings like xpose karz etc Everything about #TeraaSurroor is average apart from its music. Strictly average movie , but himesh ji best till date. Il give it 2*/5*

Arindam Panda [email protected]

Just watched #TeraaSurroor and it’s mondblowing . Must watch movie for all . HR ka performance sabse best hai . Overall Superb

SHIVANI23 [email protected]

Teraa surroor, a musical and visual treat to its viewers! great work! @shawnarranha @farahkarimaee_

Akshay [email protected]

Watched #TeraaSurroor, I must say Himesh Ji is Mastermind!! What a mind man! Just brilliant edge of the seat entertainer film (1/3) Perfect script,Perfect Acting,Prfct Locations,Perfect Looks,Perfect Music & B-Music, Pefect Dialogue, Prfect Camera work(2/3) #TeraaSurroor :HR’s best till date! Evn if ur htr u vl jst praise dis master film!HR& histeam In Honest opinion 4/5 by my side! @HRMusikLimited


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