Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris relationship may come across as a perfect couple. But, if the latest reports are to be believed, then it seems like the “Bad Blood” singer is under a lot of pressure to bulk up and look “bootylicious” to impress her DJ boyfriend. Apparently, the singer is also constantly reaching out to friends for relationship advice.

Recently, MovieNewsGuide reported that DJ Calvin Harris who is known to be a fitness freak, has asked his girlfriend to bulk up her “butt.” A source had apparently told the website that since Cal always preferred girls with well-toned bodies, he wanted even Tay to get that perfect figure. He reportedly has been pushing her to spend more time with him at the gym, pounding some weights.

The website even claimed that Harris loves seeing Swift breaking a sweat at the gym. In fact, the report further stated that the 26-year-old singer has been talking about getting that perfect body for a long time now. But, these claims were debunked by Gossip Cop, which said that the report was ridiculous and the “story is wrong from top to bottom.”

Well, this might not be true, but there are also reports that the “Wildest Dreams” singer has been taking desperate measures to keep things on track with the “How Deep Is Your Love” hitmaker. According to Hollywood Life, Taylor has been “constantly begging her friends for relationship advice.”

“Taylor’s constantly asking all of her girls about how to handle arguments, make compromises, give each other space. But it’s reportedly because she wants to make her bond with Calvin stronger and better than it already is. This is Taylor’s first grown-up relationship,” the source said.

Now, fans are curious to see where Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ relationship heads to with all these rumours hovering over their relationship.


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