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Rakshit Shetty starrer “Ricky” was released on Friday, 22 January. The crime-thriller written and directed by Rishab Shetty has opened to positive reviews. 

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Haripriya plays the female lead in “Ricky” that has Achyuth Kumar, Ravi Kale, Kishore, Pramod Shetty, Veena Sunder, Sadhu Kokila, Manjunath and others in the cast. The film, bankrolled by SV Babu, has Arjun Janya’s music, Venkatesh Anguraj’s cinematography and NM Vishwa’s editing.

Rakshit Shetty plays the role named Radhakrishna while Harirpiya (Radha) will be seen in the film as his sweetheart. After getting engagement, he leaves to Kashmir on a assignment. When the hero returns, he is in a shock as his leading lady is missing. What happens next is how he tried to bring her back to his life. 

The film has been appreciated for his good subject even though the screenplay misses the track at parts. The film touches upon the issues related to naxalism but fails to take a stand on it. Rakshity Shetty has done his job well but Haripirya has completely stolen the show. Arjun Janya’s songs are good even though it appears to be copied from some Hindi songs. Below, find the audience response to the Kannada movie:

Shashiprasad S M posted: #Ricky No time and the flavour of Coastal region n meanwhile the self proclaimed magical composer always gives impression of ‘copied’ tunes!

Anju Nayak posted: @HariPrriya6 First day morning show at veeresh theater and so curious about ur dual role All d best Radha #Ricky

Poonam Kamath tweeted: #Nowwatching #Ricky

Goodman posted
 #Ricky – Opening voice by Sudeep gives a nice opening feel to the movie
 #Ricky – Kannada movie – came to Govardhan opposite to yeshwantpur Railway station
 #Ricky – Nice fresh love scenes for with malnad greenery in the background
 #Ricky – Interval.Good watch so far.Waiting for more on naxal fights in Second half
 #Ricky – Mind blowing episode of SeZ house demolish.Vry thought provoking
 #Ricky – Very strong kadak dialogues from naxalites.Really hair raising
 #Ricky – Good movie by Rishab Shetty sir in first http://attempt.One of the rare movie in Kannada abt naxalites. 3.25/5

S Shyam Prasad posted: Bold and beautiful. Admirable effort. Stays neutral on Naxals. Cheers.
Interval. Perfectly poised. A tough subject handled nicely so far. Looking forward to some action now. #Ricky 137 minutes. U/A. Kannada-Colour-Scope starts…

Priyanka tweeted
 Don wid 1st haf #Ricky.Rakshit’s a powerful role..impressed by Rishab’s narration..naxal fight 2 elevate da mood in 2nd half @rakshitshetty
 #Ricky @rakshitshetty is seriously an interesting film. Dialogues stand out…keeps you locked in emotions…and entertaining too..
 #Ricky @rakshitshetty little boring at parts…and fails 2 take a stand on naxal issues…

Pragath Bheemaiah wrote: #Ricky worth a watch for their efforts.
Little boring and dragging at times.

Cineloka.co.in posted: #Ricky. Good half an hour.. Beautiful dialogues btw the lead pair.. Sadhu entertains too..
 #Ricky – Interval. Brilliant stuff..High on emotions.. Treat to watch @rakshitshetty & @HariPrriya6 . BGM supports them too.

Mahesha Uppi tweeted: @KicchaSudeep Voice @rakshitshetty & @HariPrriya6 combo scenes Naxal dialogues & camerawork, direction is excellent in #Ricky
 @HariPrriya6 U deserve an award for performance in #Ricky Gr8 to see You rocking in every recent Kannada movies..best wishes from uppi fans
 #Ricky is a mysterious Mangalore Flavor film loved @rakshitshetty & @HariPrriya6 Combo scenes & Naxal fight top notchmovie @shetty_rishab

RJ Lavanya posted: #Ricky 1 thing We C is right or wrong depends on every persons perception …
@HariPrriya6 loved the movie #Ricky . Very strong role , beautifully portrayed by you
#Ricky -beautiful movie ,very finely defined characters and amazing cinematography ,interesting &new subject @shetty_rishab @rakshitshetty


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