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Sivakarthikeyan’s “Rajini Murugan” has emerged the winner among Pongal’s Tamil releases, and garnered fairly positive reviews from critics. The hero himself is being given majority of the credit for lifting an ordinary film to greater heights, making it a fun-filled entertainer.

Many critics have opined that Sivakarthikeyan’s presence has made a big difference to “Rajini Murugan”, and his portions with Soori have elevated the entertainer to a different level. Even though the film has been packed with all the commercial ingredients, it is the comedy that stands out. Overall, the film has been given a thumbs-up by reviewers.

Ayyankalai (Rajkiran) desires to see all his family members, who are settled in a foreign country. With the help of his grandson Rajini Murugan (Sivakarthikeyan), he decides to distribute his family property equally among his children. Local goon Ezharai Mookkan (Samuthirakani) enters the story demanding a share. It becomes a big headache for the family. How the hero solves the issue and takes on the baddie is what the film is about.

Samuthirakani shines in his role while Keerthy impresses viewers with her performance. The others have done justice to their characters. A few of D Imman’s songs are good and his background score adds huge value to the film. Balasubramaniem’s cinematography is apt. Find out what reviewers are saying about “Rajini Murugan”:

The Hindu Review: Rajini Murugan makes it amply evident that Sivakarthikeyan, as he has done earlier in his career, is quite capable of making a below-average script seem average… sometimes, above-average even. Read complete review…

Sify Review: The film’s director Ponram has packaged the film in such a way that audiences will leave the movie hall with a big smile and forget all their worries. Read complete review…

Behinwood Reviews: Rajini Murugan carries a fragile storyline, but that is understandable as films like these are made for the sole purpose of entertaining the crowd. Read complete review…

Indiaglitz Reviews: A predominant part of the first half of the film moves with the hero’s attempts to woo his girl. Sivakarthikeyan’s combo with Soori as his man Friday works out well as usual in these sequences. Read complete review…


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