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Hamza Kazi is perhaps best known as the drummer of Mumbai-based progressive rock band Coshish. A versatile groove agent, Kazi is known for cruising through genres, such as progressive rock, pop rock, metal and Sufi rock, with absolute ease. He won the Best Drummer award at the Rolling Stone Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards 2013 and has also played for well-known indie bands like Reverse Polarity, Workshop and Abraxas.

While giving us this playlist, Kazi let slip that he is now busy working on Coshish’s new album. So, let’s check out what he is listening to right now. Maybe that way we can guess what musical direction the album would take.

“Ticks N Leeches” by Tool

Hamza: “This is the song that compelled me to take up drumming way back in 2001. It’s been on my default playlist for years now. If I had to pick the single greatest drum song ever, this would be it!”

Listen to it here.

“Cheating the Polygraph” by Porcupine Tree

Hamza: “Beyond a doubt, one of the most dynamically tasteful performances by the legend known as Gavin Harrison! The beauty of this song is that even though most of it is in 7/8, it feels like it’s floating over a 6/8 feel, which makes it seem very simple.”

Listen to it here.

“Illuminate the Trail” by Textures

Hamza: “I heard this monster of a track before it was released because Stef Broks was kind enough to play me the demo. It defines the new direction of modern prog.”

Listen to it here.

“Don’t Hate Me” (4 1/2 Version) by Steven Wilson featuring Ninet Tayeb

Hamza: “I loved the earlier version of the song but this version has taken it to some new heights. I especially dig the drum sound, possibly because the drums and cymbals used by Craig Blundel are exactly the same as what I use.”

Listen to it here.

“The Price” by Leprous

Hamza: “Unconventional drum sound and haunting vocals. The song grows on you over time.”

Listen to it here.

“The Drifter” by Klone

Hamza: “Klone has recently become one of my favourite bands. Very similar to Tool yet very original at the same time. Exceptional drum sound, rhythmic variations and feel in this one make it one of my favourite Klone tunes.”

Listen to it here.

“Talking Bird” by Death Cab For Cutie

Hamza: “I’ve always got goosebumps whenever I’ve heard this one and after my pet parrot (of 22 years) passed away in Jan this year, I listen to this song at least 3-4 times a day.”

Listen to it here.

“The Court of the Crimson King” by King Crimson

Hamza: “After watching them live (being a fan for 12 years) last year, this song has been on a loop since then. The verse groove is unique even today, more than forty years after its release.”

Listen to it here.

“Open the Gates” by Extol

Hamza: “This is another super underrated band. I can’t stop obsessing over the drum sound. Jens Bogren is partly to be thanked for that top notch production.”

Listen to it here.

“Even Deeper” by Nine Inch Nails

Hamza: “Definitely one of my favourite NIN tunes. The spaced out vibe helps to beat the heat I guess. Haha! Don’t know why I always end up listening to this track during summers.”

Listen to it here.


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