Wednesday nights have not been the same since “Modern Family” went on a hiatus following Season 7 Episode 11 titled “Spread Your Wings” on 13 January. However, this will be the last week in the admittedly short break, because Season 7 Episode 12, titled “Clean for a Day”, will be aired by Freeform (ABC Family’s new name) on Wednesday, 10 February.

The previously aired “Spread Your Wings” had seen Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burell) learn that they have to let their children grow up and not hold on to them anymore. Phil’s attachment to his three children was represented by the love he showered on the three ducks that were living with them.

After helping Alex (Ariel Winter) fit in with her peers in Caltech, Phil symbolically let go of her, by releasing his pet ducks into the world. Although the ducks may never return, Claire reminded him that his children will always find their way back.

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In the upcoming Season 7 Episode 12, Claire will be seen trying to get their house in order, so that she can take over the closet business from her father Jay (Ed O’Neil). However, she does not get the support she expected from her children, especially Alex, who completely breaks down after she finds Sanjay’s (Suraj Partha) sweatshirt.

Jay finds a new hobby in piloting planes soon after entering retirement, which disturbs his son-in-law Cam (Eric Stonestreet). Meanwhile his wife Gloria (Sofia Vergara) will look for more ways to connect with Jay, now that he will be around her more. With the goal of spending qualitative time with her husband, she asks her step-son Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) to teach her golf.

We will be providing live-streaming information and more spoilers for Season 7 Episode 12 of “Modern Family” titled “Clean For a Day”, so do not forget to come back here and check that out ahead of Wednesday, 10 February.


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