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Director Hanu Raghavapudi’s Telugu movie “Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha” (KVPG or Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha) starring Nani and Mehrene has received positive review from the audience.

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“Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha” is a romantic comedy film with all other commercial ingredients. The movie, which has been written and directed by Hanu Raghavapudi, revolves around a coward boy Krishna who is a movie buff and an ardent fan of Nandamuri Balakrishna. He has been in love with a girl for 15 years. How this coward fights to get his love forms the crux of the story.

Set against a faction backdrop, the movie begins with a failed attempt to murder a faction leader in Anantapur, Rayalaseema. The first half of the movie is entertaining with a decent dose of romance, comedy, crime and suspense. The second half also engages the viewers in some good comedy and suspense elements. The movie’s second half is dragging in parts.

The audience say Nani and Mehrene Kaur Peerzada, who have played the lead roles, have delivered brilliant performances. Their amazing chemistry is the highlight of “Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha.” Murali Sharma, Sampath Raj, Brahmaji and Pradhvi have also done justice to their roles and their performances are also good assets of the film.

Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta and Anil Sunkara produced “Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha” under their 14 Reels Entertainment. The film has rich production elements and Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music and Yuvraj’s picturisation are big attractions in the technical front, add the audience.

After watching the film, many viewers took to their Twitter pages to share their verdict. We bring you some unique comments. Here is the live update of “Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha” (KVPG) movie review by audience:

Sangeetha Devi [email protected]_Devi

#KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha is well written, has some really good performances & packs in a fair amount of fun. Entertaining watch.

Jalapathy Gudelli [email protected]

#KVPG : A neat love story told in the backdrop of Hindupur with rich visuals. A bit lengthy but also offers entertaining moments.

Harsha vardhan [email protected]

#KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha is well written, has some really good performances & packs in a fair amount of fun. Entertaining watch

Ki Media Balaji [email protected]

Movie is super direction and cameramen and also Nani 3kids extraordinary acting movie is super hit #14reelse #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha

Poorna Pradeep [email protected]

#KVPG well executed film… Loved it @hanurpudi direction no words BGM superb… @ursmehreen expressions @NameisNani acting in climax #KVPG : Nuvvante na navvu n Aa seetha devaina songs picturization Naina is so cute. Pridhvi’s track hilarious @hanurpudi @AnilSunkara1

Badhrinath.K [email protected]_K

Done with first half of #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha #KVPG, liked it..! Specially Songs & screenplay. Done with #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha #KVPG, liked it actually loved it..! So many positives for #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha #KVPG, Songs,kids,Dialogue,screenplay,Direction,Hero,Heroine, what not EVERYTHING..!

Sampathkumar [email protected]

Watched #KVPG It’s really nice Congrats @NameisNani u r a awesome performer Hope u had a great future ahead Congrats @14reelsofficial

Sandeep Aatreya [email protected]

Hanu’s attention to detail, fresh treatment & Nani’s perfect portrayal of frightened make #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha #KVPG a good watch #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha ends on bright note @14reelsofficial thanks @urstrulyMahesh & #NandamuriBalakrishna #Balayya fans enjoy #KVPG #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha Last 25 minutes breathtaking. Goosebumps guaranteed #KVPG honest, story-driven. Good attempt @14reelsofficial

Narendra Nekkanti [email protected]

#KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha 1st half chala bagundhi. As usual Nani’s show all the way, very well directed by Hanu. ‘Ra Ra’ song #KVPG #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha 2nd half suspense elements n Climax bagunnayi. Another 1Mn$ for #Nani in US Congrats @14reelsofficial #KVPG

Darling [email protected]

@hanurpudi Entertaining 1st half with a superb interval Block with a twist,, Bgm is top class @NameisNani ki inko hit padipoinatle #KVPG @hanurpudi excellent direction and used 1st half for setting the tempo for the 2nd half.. Looking forward for some action in 2nd half #KVPG @NameisNani & kids steal the show.. 2nd half too good.. One more BB for Nani. Overall #KVPG is an awesome fullfledged entertainer

Gowtham [email protected]

#KVPG awesome first half… can’t wait for the second half. @NameisNani bayya keka puttinchav. @ursmehreen Mahalakshmi nuvvu superehe #KVPG worth every penny. #blockbuster @NameisNani @ursmehreen Congratulations!!! #KVPG hangover. To get rid of it a second time tomorrow will do. A hilarious and thrilling ride. Love you @ursmehreen

Kiran [email protected]_ncca

#KVPG First half is good. Looks like one more winner in hand for @NameisNani @14reelsofficial

UrsHarsha [email protected]

#KVPG a typical hanu Raghavapudi’s entertainer. Nani was brilliant. A good start for TFI in 2016.. NKP, SCP and KVPG now. Prudhviraj’s episode was hilarious. Loved every bit of it. #KVPG #30yearsindustry

Kiran Cena [email protected]

Completed My Show.. Dono Y They Gave Huge Publicity for this film.Simply claasic.@NameisNani bhayya partyyyyyy #KVPG After A VeryLong Time @14reelsofficial Was Given a 100% Family Entertainer. Keep 100% Expectations and Come out wid 100% Satisfaction #KVPG

Charan [email protected]

#KVPG : Just back from the premiere! Super Hit!! A good entertaining story is always a winner. Congrats @14reelsofficial @AnilSunkara1 🙂

Nava mohan [email protected]

After watching the movie i feel to be proud #NANI fan.. He is outstanding, nani’s show all the way.. Superb #KVPG Bowled over by #KVPG The film is honest and pure.. #KVPG has a heart of gold. Kudos. Loooved it. DONT MISS IT… #Nani at his usual best..

aHf [email protected]

Good first half. Lead pair Madhya scenes baunnay. Direction super #KVPG 2nd half road ekkinappati nundi cinema track thappindi #KVPG

Teja Tj [email protected]

Good 1st Half 🙂 , Nani comedy Timing Good Chepana ! Nek Chepana :p #KrishnagaadiVeeraPremaGaadha


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