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The week gone by has seen quite a few phenomenal releases across genres, be it in terms of albums or singles. Perhaps the biggest album to come out was Jeff Buckley’s “You and I,” which was released posthumously. When it comes to singles, this week had a release from artistes from almost all the popular genres of today. Here’s our pick of the week.

“Undergrowth” by Mermaidens

New Zealand-based psychedelic rock band Mermaidens have established a unique sound in the past three years. Heavy reverb-driven guitar lines, immersive atmospherics and shrill rhythm sections are staples in their music. A good example of this would be their latest track, “Undergrowth,” which will be a part of their upcoming debut album of the same name.


“Body Work” by Negative Gemini

New York-based electronic/dream pop artiste Lindsay French, aka Negative Gemini, released “Body Work” this week. It is the second single from her upcoming sophomore LP of the same name. The highlight of this song is French’s dreamy singing which, when blended with the mid-tempo chillwave feel of the track, makes it a good listen.


“In God’s House” by Bat For Lashes

British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natasha Khan, better known as Bat For Lashes, announced her fourth album, “The Bride,” recently. As a part of the announcement, she released a new single, “In God’s House,” which will be a part of the record. The song is essentially indie pop/synth pop with a hauntingly beautiful vibe.