Eurovision, the song contest that has united the countries of the European Broadcasting Union annually since 1956, is just a couple of months away. The 2016 Eurovision song contest is going to be especially special, because for the first time since 1975 an innovative new way of voting has been incorporated for the programme.

Bringing a new level of excitement to the show that millions of viewers look forward to every year, Eurovision 2016 will allow the top 10 countries in both the jury and viewers voting will receive points.

As executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest put it, “The new voting format guarantees that the song which is most popular among the public will receive twelve points regardless of how the juries voted.”

The Eurovision song contest is one of the most exciting annual events, just until the end. In the previously-used douze points system, viewers figured out who the winner was, even before it was announced, and this new voting method is also expected to erase this anomaly.

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Executive Producer for Eurovision 2016, Martin Österdahl, explains, “In previous years the winner has been known for up to 20 minutes before the end of voting and that’s not good TV. This format change will inject a new level of excitement into the finish of the Eurovision Song Contest”.